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Work conditions

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Advantages of Sopot Hill

Location surrounded by nature

New, modernly equipped teaching space

Adequate areas and spaces for all sports activities

Organized transport

Facility security


Apartment accommodation


School space

Warning: There is a great and realistic possibility that after visiting the school, your child will not want to leave it.

Sopot Hill is located 50 km from the center of Belgrade, in a quiet part of the municipality of Sopot, on the slopes of Mount Kosmaj. Surrounded by authentic nature, in the air spa area, Sopot Hill consists of an interior completely adapted to the needs of teaching and the age of children, while the exterior consists of open sports fields, yard, summer classroom and stage and a wooded park with a path of 480m.

The interior of the building itself has all the prescribed separate units: teaching rooms, common rooms, auxiliary rooms, rooms for employees, parking and everything else in accordance with relevant regulations, norms and standards according to the planned educational activities. The new, modern and warm space was created especially to make growing up and educating children an unforgettable, positive and safe experience.

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The educational process

The educational process is held in 17 general purpose classrooms, among which are specialized cabinets equipped with the most modern means of work. Each classroom is equipped with smart, interactive boards and the tools necessary for the efficient and practical acquisition of knowledge in a particular subject. We were guided by the fact that for each object or activity the space was inspiring, filled with useful materials, devices, tools for applying what was learned, to bring the area closer to children and introduce them to that world with the greatest possible interest and concentration.

In groups of up to twelve children, the focus of carefully selected professional teaching staff and student engagement is maximal.

obrazovni proces


Classrooms and equipment

In addition to the classrooms, there are also specialized cabinets for physics and chemistry, as well as an art painting studio, a music cabinet and a chess classroom and a summer outdoor classroom is especially popular. Each classroom is equipped with a smart and standard blackboard, lockers for each student, comfortable chairs and benches for one person. There are also summer scenes and multimedia halls to proudly demonstrate what have been learned.

As children move from classroom to classroom, as well as to sports halls, they are surrounded by the pictures of people who have contributed to making this world and our country a better place – from Vuk Karadzic, the Beatles to Aleksandar Sasa Djordjevic. We find such learning informal, unencumbered and significant. When determining the necessary equipment and the arrangement of both the interior and exterior, the purpose of the premises, the number and age of users and the specific needs of individual subjects and activities were taken into account, all in accordance with the prescribed legal norms.


Exterior and sports surfaces

In order for the school space to enable us to carry out our mission in the best possible way, we have provided adequate space for each activity.

Large sports multipurpose hall (tennis, gymnastics, basketball, football, competitions)
Ballet hall with special ballet floor
Halls for folklore and modern dance
Karate hall with tatami floor
Open court for football and tennis
Summer classroom and stage
Game room
Caffe club for parents and guests with a view of the great hall and open fields
Fitness hall with mini gym
Fenced and secured space of the entire complex including parking

The interior of the building itself has all the prescribed separate units: teaching rooms, common rooms, auxiliary rooms, rooms for employees and others in accordance with all relevant regulations, norms and standards according to the planned educational activities.

What no regulations can guarantee and bring out is the mood of the children stepping into Sopot Hill. The fascination, enthusiasm, smile and impatience to experience all the contents change on their faces during the entire stay. The desire for new knowledge, discovering one’s talents and breaking through one’s own barriers is what Sopot Hill awakens in children.

Sopot Hill is an ideal educational world for children of the the new age!

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