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We pick up and return comfortably and safely!

One of the most important items in the modern way and rhythm of life is of a logistical nature, that is how to most efficiently get from point A to point B and plan all responsibilities, but also pleasures during free time. It is precisely one of the main items that inspired us to create a place like Sopot Hill.



Safety, reliability, good organization

We knew that we had to offer children and parents safety, reliability, good organization, quality time spent, and that a significant component of all that, taking into account the location of the school, was the transportation of children.

In addition to enabling our unique programs for children to complete all teaching and additional activities during one shift, more precisely between 8.30-15.30, the Sopot Hill educational center organizes the transportation of its students.


See the off, welcome them and enjoy the rest of the day!

Transportation on the route Belgrade - Sopot Hill - Belgrade with a single point of departure and return at an agreed time.
Transportation takes place with new, luxurious and reliable vehicles of the highest class.
Drivers with experience and a smile.
The vehicles are specially adapted to transport children in order to provide the highest level of safety and comfort, but also informal forms of education and relaxation.

* Note: It is possible to organize transportation for users from other places.

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