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School Open Day, January 2022.

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The doors of “Sopot Hill” are always open – to children, parents, athletes, and all people who appreciate sports and education. On Sunday, January the 23rd, at 11 am, we hosted parents and children, who wanted to meet the staff, space, and spirit of our institution. The snow made us happy that day and made the view of the nature surrounding the school so inspiring.

After the welcome in the coffee club, Natalija, the founder, and the teachers, Milica and Katarina, took the parents on a tour of all the premises and facilities of the school. The parents saw and entered the classrooms, cabinets, sports and dance halls, canteen, kitchen, and apartments, while at the same time they were asking questions and receiving useful information.

During that time, the children were in the big sports hall with our coaches of developmental gymnastics and football, as well as with the coordinator of sports activities, who animated the youngest during the entire stay. At the end of the day, they admitted to us that they were more tired than the children, and we trust them completely because the kids were thrilled with the space and the possibilities and wanted to try everything, from the playroom to the vaulting horse and the training ground.

After the tour, we gathered again in the coffee club, where there were also employees of the EC “Sopot Hill”, each of whom was available to provide information if needed. A screening of a short school movie followed, which covers all activities inside the school programs, so parents could create an even clearer picture of how children develop and learn in our school and preschool.

After answering a few more questions, we moved on to the educational part of the day – the lecture by Katarina Jonev, an expert on internet safety for children. The topic of the lecture was exactly How to Keep Your Children Safe on the Internet and it was intended for parents, while there are also workshops created for children as well as for professions that work with children. Parents received information and advice, which will certainly help raise awareness about this very important, but marginalized topic. Each family received Katarina’s book “Safety of children on the Internet – a Guide for Parents” as a gift, and we hope that we will work together on this issue.

We are grateful to the parents who wanted to support and empower our mission and who, by enrolling their children in EC “Sopot Hill”, will make it come to life and develop further by having their children grow up, progress, and be educated in the best possible conditions.

As we warned the parents at the beginning, the children did not want to go home. Yes, it is always like that. You can verify that at our next gathering on March the 6th, but also on any other day by announcing your visit via the following phone number 063.404.304 or by e-mail office@sopothill.edu.rs.

Enrolment is ongoing and this year’s special tuition fees are presented here.


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