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Rhythmic Gymnastics Camp – Gymnastics Club ”Partizan” & OVC Sopot Hill

The second half of January in ‘’Sopot Hill’’, beside the Open Day, was marked by the organization of a rhythmic gymnastics camp. We hosted the Gymnastic Club ‘’Partizan’’ Belgrade, whose members stayed in our complex from the 16th to the 22nd of January.

During the camp, the following were available to them – large sports, multipurpose hall, as well as a ballet hall and a hall for modern dance. This way they could train professionally and comfortably. After the training, the girls had warm locker rooms with showers and toilets to their disposal.

Accommodation was also provided by OVC ‘’Sopot Hill’’, meaning that the apartments within the school complex were available to the athletes. The new, fully equipped and spacious apartments were perfect for rest, relaxation and socializing.

The nutrition was completely adjusted according to their needs and the meals were made exclusively out of fresh groceries by a professional chef. The athletes had the school canteen all for themselves.

All activities took place within the school complex, and all training locations were connected to the apartments via warm passageway, thus eliminating the possibility of the impact of temperature changes on health.

What we must mention is that the members of GC ‘’Partizan’’ Belgrade were exceptional guests, polite young people and great example of children with healthy bodies and minds. It was our pleasure and we are thankful for the given trust.

We have opened the door to sport, and consequently sport connects, gathers and breaks down prejudices. The door of ‘’Sopot Hill’’ will always be open to all children, because we are united by the same values ​​through sports and education.

We remind you that developmental gymnastics is a regular activity in our programs and that you are welcome to visit us.

For information on admission or organization of camps, contact us via the contact form, on the phone number 063/404304 or by e-mail office@sopothill.edu.rs.


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