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Recreational classes and activities, Vrnjačka Banja

Our primary school students spent several phenomenal days in the form of recreational classes and activities in Vrnjačka Banja, certainly one of the most beautiful vacation spots in Serbia. What is still certain is that we had the best partner for the realisation of this idea, and that is the Tonanti Hotel, which due to its offer and approach to guestsoccupies a high place in the region.

The students fulfilled these days with education, sports, relaxation and play, all with the support of their teachers and coaches. During their free time, they had the opportunity to meet eachother in a different environment, strengthen their friendships, joke and choose how to spend those moments without haste. Who is which class? Does not matter! They proved to us that they are united, dedicated and friendly – that they are a team.

As a team, they learned to swim and enjoyed the SPA offer at the Hotel Tonanti – the pool was a favorite place during a few, cold, winter days. The muscles of the whole body were activated, but perhaps most of all those in charge of forming a smile. There was a great available space adapted into a karate and developmental gymnastics hall, which made the organization extraordinary. All sports activities took place within the hotel, so the risk of children going out in the cold air after some of the activities was excluded. The coaches were a shade more lenient than in school conditions, but the students did not let them relax too much!

The teachers also did great, managing to make the teaching interesting, unburdening and adequate to the circumstances, yet effective. Thinking, concluding, asking, answering, reading, helping… – all this in a manner of maintaing continuity in work, and pleasing the body and mind in a more comfortable and less rigid way. As a special discipline, chess has contributed to relaxation, as well as to maintaining focus and competitive spirit.

When the weather conditions were in our favor, the children went on a tour around Vrnjačka Banja, stayed in the fresh air, soaked up the sun and the energy of nature. Whether staying inside the hotel or outside, the staff of our school, together with the employees of the Hotel Tonanti, managed to organize all activities respecting epidemiological measures, creating safe conditions and thus reducing the possibility of any risk of kids getting sick.

The students of Sopot Hill gained a new friend – Hotel Tonanti – and thus the affection of all employees, who met their needs with full understanding. We realized that we are united by the desire to provide only the best – the highest quality content, impeccable organization, dedication.

Here is how the staff of Tonanti Hotel experienced our visit:

“What did we learn from hanging out with Sopot Hill students?”

How important friendship is.

How important knowledge is.

How important it is to focus.

How important teamwork is.

How great it is to have dedicated mentors.

How important it is to be organized.

How important sportsmanship is.

How cool it is to play fair.

Thank you for trusting us.

Always on your side! “


Always on the side of quality, health, friendship, knowledge!

Thanks to the students of Sopot Hill for the way they carry out our mission and thanks to Hotel Tonanti in Vrnjačka Banja, they were and will be perfect partners in our further work and development.

To see the video content click here.


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