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Sopot Hill students are healthy, energetic, smiling and capable little people!

You have probably wondered how our active, hard-working students will provide themselves with enough energy for all that mental and physical work. Sopot Hill kitchen is a space where only the best quality food is prepared for our children, for their brain and body.



Nutrition adapted to the individual needs of the child

Home-grown ingredients such as cheese, cream, eggs, vegetables etc…only homemade, healthy, nutritious and reliable groceries are used in Sopot Hill cuisine. We have paid a lot of attention to this segment, so the children can have their diet tailored to their individual needs by a nutritionist.

Nutrition-rich, varied main courses and snacks are the right support for the child’s body and for proper development, mood and learning. The self-service system has proven to be an excellent pedagogical method for adopting etiquette, independence and strengthening self-confidence.

So, we believe that moms will be proud at home. The restaurant with a dining room with a capacity of up to 60 students at the same time meets all sanitary, hygienic and technical measures and is completely adapted for children. Here, nutrition is an important part of the stay as the best fuel for all their activities.



Nutrition-rich, varied main courses and snacks

Groceries from our farm
Snacks and lunch provided
Menu compiled by a nutritionist
Nutritionally rich and varied meals
Nutrition adapted to the individual needs of the child
Self-service system that develops independence

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