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OVC Spot Hill is located 50km from the center of Belgrade, in Sopot, on the slopes of Mount Kosmaj.

The complex itself is rich in greenery, grassy areas and within it is a wooded part with a path of 480m. Children have the opportunity to go anywhere, to be education and enjoy outdoor sports activities away from smog and noise

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Clean air is a luxury today

How many days a year do we spend in the fresh air? How many days a year do children play in nature outside the city center? Clean air is a luxury today. The growth and development of a child is a path that you can take only once. Together with us, you can embark on the path of health and nature, getting to know the modern world, but not moving away from fundamental, traditional knowledge and insights.

Imagine Easter customs that do not start with painting eggs bought in the store, but long before that. They start by learning about raising animals, their diet and the formation of eggs. Imagine a child who goes around a chicken coop and waits to find eggs that he and his friends will paint in onion skins or think of their own technique, compete in tapping and eat that egg while knowing all about its origin.


In Sopot Hill, children are on a mini trip every day!

Yes, children will have the opportunity to meet the animals on a nearby farm, participate in the process of creating and growing home-grown foods and eventually enjoy their taste.
Don’t be surprised if your child is better at choosing the cheese than you! They will see the actions, effort, work, failure, damage, but also the fruits, understand the concept of responsibility and obligation. Everything that actually awaits them in their further education and work, they will see from many practical, life situations in which they will participate with their peers.

They will have the opportunity to go exploring forest trails, flora and fauna, close to their school. They will feel the tree, earth, grass, mud, snow, the world in its original, intact forms. They will be a part of nature and its processes. Every day they will be the children and every day they will become great people: healthy, knowledgeable, self-aware, educated, capable.


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