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Why we chose karate?

We can practice this ancient skill in several ways:

As a sport that is represented in over 200 countries around the world, in order to achieve results in competitions

Recreation that is useful from childhood to old age



Whichever way you choose, karate is basically a mystical martial art that can even define a way of life and develop the most beautiful qualities such as patience, perseverance, courage, self-confidence, determination, honesty and nobility.

Doctors recommend karate as a basic sport for children, which has a preventive effect on various deformities: crooked spine, flat feet or improper posture.

This sport equally develops the mind and body by channeling children’s energy, helping in socialisation, developing empathy and solidarity.

borilacke vestine


Some of the benefits of karate training for children are:

Development of listening skills that leads to better self-control and discipline in its most positive form.
Improving memory and focus through constant mental activity.
Development of hand-eye coordination through various techniques, obstacles and challenges.
It affects the development of speed, agility and improving balance.
Develops communication skills through socialisation in teamwork and pair work.
Teaches children to set short-term and long-term goals in a fun and positive environment.

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