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International program

As a perfect and logical addition to everything that Educational and Sports Center “Sopot Hill” represents, our school provides an opportunity for attending classes held in English language, meaning we are implementing a Standardized International Primary Program.

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Primary school

The Program is based on the international curriculum through official educational platforms and in accordance to the highest standards of teaching and safeguarding modeled by the international educational system. It consists of six years Primary educational program, from entering the reception year and further going through the 5 grades (age 5-11).

All policies of the “Sopot Hill” are established on the safeguarding and child protection. We are constantly working on providing care that is much more than just a transfer of knowledge. Through every policy, procedure or rulebook, the basic principle is the overall care for the complete being – physical, educational, social and emotional development of the child.

The school is in the preparatory process for accreditation by the international educational accreditation body, and all interested parents will have an insight into our work policy, staff information and selected program.

Participate with us in opening the door to a world full of possibilities for children of the new age!

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