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Why we chose football?

Football is a team sport and by practicing it, children develop psychophysical abilities such as balance, agility, movement coordination, concentration. They will improve their motor and technical abilities and learn to communicate with other children on the field.

No, not everyone can and wants to become Ronaldo, nor should they set too high expectations that are not in line with the child’s affinities, but every child can derive exceptional benefits from playing this sport.

Football contributes to development of children’s psychosocial abilities, allows them to train in a group with other kids, to make new acquaintances and friendships, where children will feel that they belong and are important to the group and develop team spirit.

The health aspect of football is also very important when choosing this sport. Playing football will contribute to better bone and muscle development, better lung capacity and to reducing the risk of obesity. Football should represent fun, games and socialising as children will come to love the ball and the game itself and happily wait for another practice.


Football is more than a game

This “most important of the less important things in the world” provides the opportunity to participate in various competitions and tournaments, where the child and their team will fight for better success, but also socialize and experience what defeat is, how to accept it and learn from it.

Sopot Hill will also organize a trip to the preparations and sports camps where the children will become even closer and thus strengthen the team spirit, focus on a healthy sports rhythm, and thus progress.

Football is more than a game, football is a way to pass on many positive life values to your children, such as: respect, solidarity, tolerance, fair play, character strengthening and a winning mentality.


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