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Enrolment process

Given the importance of choosing the best educational format for preschool, primary and secondary education for children and all the issues that this choice brings, we at Sopot Hill have made the enrollment process completely transparent in order for you to get to know us better and see all the benefits which our educational concept brings to both children and parents.


Feel free to contact us

To get fully acquainted with our programs, vision and spirit of Sopot Hill, feel free to contact us in one of the following ways:


How to become a preschool, elementary or high school student of sopot hill?


Hello! We are the Sopot Hill team and we are here for all your questions!

When you contact us in one of the three ways mentioned above, the Sopot Hill team gives you feedback or visual information material as soon as possible, depending on your request.
This is followed by filling out a questionnaire for parents and after we receive it, our team will contact the parents in order to arrange a visit to the school. We present the parents with all the details about the programs and functioning of Sopot Hill, settle their doubts and listen carefully to their suggestions, expectations and special notes.
When visiting the school, our team will take you on a tour and additionally provide all the necessary information so that your decision is the result of specific knowledge, but also a blend of what you see and feel.


Let’s get to know each other better!
Once you have made the best decision for your child, that is, you have decided that Sopot Hill will be your stable and professional partner on the important path of upbringing, development and education of the child, next comes getting to know our future student better.

The school psychologist is in charge of talking and psychologically testing potential students in order to assess psychophysical abilities, possible prior knowledge and experiences and identify their talents and interests. In stage II, parents and potential students will have access to the documentation of the institution: the statute, regulations, codes of conduct, procedures, etc.


After a successful introduction, a new beginning is on the horizon!
In this stage of enrollment, you collect and submit the necessary documentation for enrollment in the selected program. Our team forwards you a complete list of documentation and is at your disposal for any kind of assistance.


Welcome to the educational system fully adapted to the development of the full potential of the children of the new age!
We are looking forward to 1 September, as well as all the following days, months and years during which we will form great people of true values, top athletes and children rich in knowledge and skills for further education, but also for life.

You can view the verification document here:

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Do you share our vision and want to get better acquainted with everything Sopot Hill has to offer?
We are at your disposal for any additional information!