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Not just an ordinary school event

As this is the first year of work of the “Sopot Hill” educational center, the first semester and the New Year’s school event were really special and important points on the path of development and writing history. That December the 30th caused jitters to parents and employees, while the students were on their own terrain and prepared a sight for sore eyes. Their progress in all spheres is obvious, tangible and invaluable. We’ll walk you through that day.

After the division of school booklets, the presentation of what was adopted during the first half of the year began with a karate performance and a simulation of the fight of our third and fourth graders, which was accompanied by applause and surprised faces of parents. They whispered something like, “I can’t believe how powerful they look!” When did they learn this?!” The awarding of diplomas as a recognition for their work and effort, as well as an incentive to continue the same way, was not omitted.

After a short brake, karate players transformed into ballerinas and ballet dancers and that’s where the magic began! They replaced the sharp movements of karate with graceful ones, they moved on their toes and jumped around the stage cheerfully but expertly. We would say, food for the eyes and soul. The ballet performance was rounded off with recitations practiced in drama classes. They enjoyed full attention.

Then a clash ensued! Don’t worry, sport clash – exciting chess games in which children and parents crossed spears. The parents thought that it would be an easy task, but this was probably their last chance to beat the students of Sopot Hill. No one was more proud than Goran, the chess teacher.

If you thought, “Man, what do these kids know!”, keep reading, we’ll justify that thought and provoke it again. Until this moment, we thought we were already aware of what had been achieved, but when we found ourselves in the ambience of our club, in New Year’s spirit, and began to absorb the sounds of piano and gentle voices of our students, emotions continued to emerge. They played and sang while Stefan, the piano teacher, proudly turned the pages of musical notes.

That was all they prepared for us on December the 30th, but they are not aware of what they are giving us every day by writing the history of the educational system with their joy, body and mind. By giving us their trust, their childhood and making Sopot Hill’s mission come to life and be stronger every day.

We invite you to visit us, meet our students and take the first step towards the best education and development of your children. Schedule your visit here.


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