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Developmental gymnastics

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Why train gymnastics from early childhood?

Developmental gymnastics perfectly completes the sports program of our school. It has numerous advantages compared to other sports and it represents a good basis for your children’s further choices later in life.

Proper primary physical development is the most important thing for children of primary school age. Therefore, more attention is paid to shaping and strength exercises. Developing motor skills, dexterity, coordination and balance is of equal importance.

All these characteristics are of great importance for everyday life and they make the child more independent, responsible and agile.

In addition to physical development, gymnastics has a positive effect on the mental development of your children. Exercises that require children to plan each step in advance affect their power of perception and awareness of their capabilities.

We learn not only to navigate in space, but also in life. Demanding exercises make gymnasts defy gravity with extreme ease and push the limits of their possibilities.


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