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Additional activities

What art offers is a space where the spirit can breathe. John Updike

dodatne aktivnosti


Sport and dance in Sopot Hill


Health, success, life, fair play, competition, happiness, togetherness, victory, friendship, respect, joy, discipline - this is how the youngest described the sport


Dancing makes a person feel physically regenerated and in a better mood, successfully fights anxiety and depression, relieves stress and awakens the imagination and emotions.


Classes, sport, dance and what else?

In addition to sports, dances and regular subjects according to the national program, Sopot Hill students can enjoy the benefits of additional activities. We will introduce you to the activities offered at the moment, but we want you to know that the possibilities are much wider and that the offer of additional activities will be constantly improved.


Linguistic section

The school will enable the learning of foreign languages ​​according to the interests and needs of the users. The Spanish language is currently available while in the future we will try to enable the learning of other foreign languages. German, Chinese and French are planned.

While learning the language, children will learn about different cultures, arts, history and customs. The goal is to make their knowledge really applicable and usable in everyday life.

A different language is a different vision of life.
– Federico Fellini

strani jezici
dramska sekcija


Drama section

A well-mannered and decent person always has something to say. But in order to be heard and understood, they must talk and behave properly. If we understand everything that exists around us, we will know how to react in every situation. If we know how to communicate, we will solve every situation, and if we also know how to recite and understand wise words from the most important literary works – then sky is the limit!

Through conversation, play, different types of workshops, students get acquainted with different life situations and we comment on the right and wrong ways of behaving on the spot. Through the most beautiful poems of Serbian children’s poetry, we get to know different ways of expression and the beauty of the Serbian language.

Areas of the drama section:

Good manners


Body language

Speech of the mind



Presenting yourself and your skills



We approach chess on a theoretical and practical level, individually, according to the characteristics of each student. The main goal is to encourage combinatorics and stimulate students’ mental processes through learning to play this game, which will in time influence their intellectual development.



The educational moment in chess classes emphasizes the development and nurturing of dignity in both winning and losing. It works on nurturing respect and appreciation of opponents as well as developing the student’s security and individuality. Students will be trained and accustomed to think logically, and to be thoughtful and patient when making decisions.

Chess is everything : art, science and sport.
– Anatoly Karpov

koncept (1)


Horse riding

The goal at a younger age (classes) is to adopt and spread knowledge about horses, ways and safe handling of them, acquire knowledge about the life cycles, care procedures and virtues of these animals, understand the importance of human care for theem and correlate with the teaching material. Learning riding styles is also the goal of this activity.

With this sport, students will strengthen their musculature, have better coordination of movements, practice mobility and synchronization of the whole body. They will also acquire work habits and become more humane, independent and brave and certainly learn what trust is.

Horses give us wings we lack. – Pam Brown



The Sopot Hill Educational Center recognizes the importance of art, including music.
As part of the general knowledge, getting to know music while playing an instrument is an opportunity for children to meet music that is usually not represented in the mass media. Many studies have shown that listening to music and playing musical instruments improves memory by stimulating the brain.

Playing an instrument teaches us discipline and organization, because it is necessary to practice every day in order to achieve more significant results – just like with sports. Playing can improve motor skills, as well as eye and hand coordination, because we read notes and move the body at the same time.


Music can be very important in the development of a child’s personality. By developing musical abilities, a child develops special abilities that can be of multiple importances both in childhood and later in life.

With the development of hearing, sight, intelligence, attention, motor skills and verbal expression, reading skills, foreign language learning, mathematical and creative abilities, as well as social adaptability, the emotional and physical life of a child can be greatly enriched.

Therefore, we have provided children, among all other activities, with the opportunity to learn to play various musical instruments. For now, PIANO and GUITAR classes are available to our students.

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