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10 things parents don’t have to worry about in Sopot Hill.

We know what you are wondering after reading all the subjects and contents that we keep as regular and obligatory! You surely think about how much time children spend in school and when they accomplish everything?

When we devised our concept and already imagined children with so many expectations during the day and parents who need to keep up with, and have time with their children out of these obligations, we knew we had to organize the whole system so that it does not burden children nor parents.

1. That is why learning, homework and trainings  are all taking place from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm, with occasional additional activities during the weekend according to the wishes of each child individually.

2. That is why there is quality food, sports facilities, coaches, a fitness room for moms, a coffee club for parents, and even fully equipped comfortable apartments within the school.

3. Air-conditioned rooms, underfloor heating, hot water, internet.

4. Park with a walking paths of 490m to enjoy the authentic nature.  Don’t tell them everything you read, but we also have a real pirate ship, a tree house, unicorns and a big playroom.

5. Flawless and systematic maintenance of interior and exterior hygiene.

6. The entire complex is fenced and secured in compliance with the highest safety criteria, and without distortions of natural surroundings.

7. The complex has adequate delivery space and secure parking.

8. Organization of educational lectures, workshops, counseling by experts for parents on all topics relevant to children’s development, as well as those in which parents express interest.

9. Organizing and hosting summer and winter camps and entertaining content.

 10. We said 9 items, but we must add that the programs, content and conditions will be constantly improved!

Write us what you may still be worried about and how we keep away those worries, solve our doubts and go together to create healthy, smiling and skilled little intellectuals!


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